Friday, November 6, 2015

Layers of Laguna: Inception to Exhibition

Layers of Laguna 1, 2015, mineral pigments, indigo, shell white, copper, cement, sumi, pure silver on canvas, 60" x 56"

This painting was actually first conceived in October 2014 while I was in Southern California teaching. Being my first trip to this part of the country, I was struck by the the seamless integration of plant life, rugged terrain (canyons), architecture, ocean and sky. I have lived on the ocean, but never with hills or mountains. I have lived in the mountains, but never with oceans. I've lived landlocked and in very flat cities. The diversity here struck me as unusually beautiful. As mentioned in an earlier blogpost, I have since returned and will be going back again to teach in February. 

Here is a shot of  some intial studies that I was creating in the Laguna studio and a photo showing its integration in the Getting the Dirt on Paint class (abstract Nihonga for kids-using pigments from soils, oyster shells and organic dye colors) at Anneliese school

Layers of Laguna first study in process, 2014, Laguna Canyon, CA, iron oxide, cochineal, oyster shell white, azurite, malachite, sumi ink on Arches paper

Teaching how we can abstract from nature and make work "about the land with the land"
using gestural, free expression while paying attention to negative space as well as positive space.

Layers of Laguna 2, 2015, mineral pigments, indigo, shell white, copper, cochineal, cement, sumi,
pure silver on canvas, 56" x 60"

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