Sunday, August 16, 2015

Today in the Studio

Here are some details of larger, more involved paintings shot today in the studio. I am currently building 14 alchemic paintings at once layer by layer. Some are on handmade paper stretched onto canvas and panels, some are directly on raw cotton canvas, which has been soaked with several layers of hide glue and others are on 300 lb watercolor paper. Using natural resources en lieu of commercial paint enables me to achieve abstract surfaces that mimic the visceral qualities of nature. My recipes play with altered viscosity and absorbency in order to trap light and pattern under and on the surfaces. I strive for variety, translucency and depth. Much of this work was created without brushes: pouring, puddling, spraying, rubbing. Tomorrow metallic color and patination will be added to some areas in a few of the pieces. Always dancing between mindfulness and mindlessness....Stay tuned. 

                      Detail- mixed media shown here- sumi ink, inorganic and organic natural   
                      pigments, clay, graphite on prepared raw, cotton canvas.

                      Detail- mixed media shown here- inorganic and organic natural pigments,
                      silica, chalk gesso on prepared hemp paper on panel.